Transgender Teen Receives ‘Puberty Suppression’ Under Oregon Medicaid

Transgender Teen Receives 'Puberty Suppression' Under Oregon Medicaid

Transgender Teen Receives ‘Puberty Suppression’ Under Oregon Medicaid

Medicaid in the state of Oregon now covers “puberty suppression” for teenagers who perceive themselves as transgendered, according to NPR.

The NPR article covered the story of a 13-year-old boy named Michael, who now goes by Michaela, and his parents’ quest to transform him into a girl by way of a procedure known as “puberty suppression,” which essentially stops a pre-pubescent child from sexually maturing by way of routine injection.

According to Michael’s mother, named Dee, the decision to make her son a girl came when she brought home some dresses for her nieces and little Michael, whom Dee now refers to as “she,” began exclaiming how much he wanted to try them on.

“When she saw those dresses, her eyes just lit up. And she said, ‘Who are those for?’ I’ll never forget it. And I said, ‘Well, these are for the girls. Do you like them?’ And she said, ‘Yeah.’ So I said, ‘Well, do you want to try any of them on if any of them fit you, do you want to wear them?’ And she said ‘Yeah.’ She just twirled and twirled in that dress — it was so wonderful.”

After 7-year-old little Michael began getting teased by kids at school by showing up dressed as a girl, his family moved him to Portland, Oregon where he could try to live out his transgender identity in peace. As age 13 approached, with puberty on the rise, the parents sought the help of Dr. Karin Selva, a pediatric endocrinologist with Randall Children’s Hospital in Portland, who supports the “puberty suppression.”

“Any boy who wants to look like a girl can just grow your hair long and put some mascara on, put a dress on and they’ll look very female,” Selva says. “But as soon as puberty hits, that’s when the body pretty much turns on someone who is transgender.” More

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