Trey Gowdy Wipes The Smile Off The Face Of Smug Cecile Richards


The videos were only casual dinner conversation.


Via BPR:

Cecile Richards did her best to defend the baby chop shop known as Planned Parenthood, until she ran into the buzz saw known as Trey Gowdy.


The Planned Parenthood president appeared before Congress Tuesday to put the best face possible on her organization after the release of undercover videos showing the group selling body parts of aborted babies, but she was tripping over her words when Gowdy got her on the ropes.


In trademark Gowdy style, the South Carolina Republican attempted to make Richards understand why some people oppose Planned Parenthood’s continued killing of unborn babies, but Richards was smug and defiant.


Until one exchange when she said, with a smile, “We don’t believe that women’s health or women’s rights should be a partisan issue.”


“And we don’t think eating dinner salads and drinking wine while you’re discussing infanticide…we have a problem with that too,” Gowdy fired back, wiping the smile off of her face.

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