Utah Truck Driver Stops Man Wrestling Wyoming Trooper

I love stories like this! The world is a better place because of people like Darren Phillips. It would have been so easy to just keep driving. Thank you for stopping to help, he made all the difference in what could have been a deadly situation.

A trooper gets to go home alive and well to his family and a wonderful citizen gets to be honored as a hero!


Darren Phillips could write a book about driving trucks.

“You see a lot of crazy things when you’re driving,” he said with a laugh. “Mainly a lot of crazy drivers cutting us off or on their phones.”

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For the most part, his route from Salt Lake City to Wyoming and back is uneventful, until Thursday morning.

Phillips, who lives in Taylorsville, was driving east on I-80 near Green River when he came over a small hill and saw a Wyoming State Trooper and Dustin Roberts, 36, of McKinleyville, Calif., who the trooper had pulled over.

He’ll never forget what he saw as he got closer.

“I could see the two of them wrestling around and fighting and there was nobody else around,” said Phillips.

Right away, he knew he had to help.

So, he stopped his 18-wheeler in the passing lane next to where the trooper’s car was parked.

“I put my brakes on, and I jump out and by this time, the trooper is on his back and the guy is on top of him. The trooper saw me running over and as soon as I got up to him, he says, ‘He’s going for my gun.’”

Phillips says the trooper and Roberts both hand their hands on the trooper’s gun.

Roberts might have grabbed it, if not for what Phillips did next.

“So I just came around behind him and just reached around and put my arm right there and I held it with my other hand and I stood up and I just went back,” he said. “And as I came back, he just came back with me and just fell right on top of me.” More

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