Trump ➠ Rand Paul Has A Shot In 2016 ➠ But So Do I

Trump ➠ Rand Paul Has A Shot In 2016 ➠ But So Do I

Trump: Rand Paul Has a Shot in 2016, But So Do I

On “Fox and Friends” this morning, Donald Trump was asked whether he believes Paul has a chance to win the nomination.

He agreed that Paul and numerous others could emerge as the GOP candidate, including himself. Trump said he finished fourth out of 22 candidates in a recent poll, even though he hasn’t done much yet to try to win support.

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Steve Doocy pointed out that Trump hasn’t been included in many polls because there is a sense among observers that he isn’t serious about running.

“I am totally serious. They will soon find that out,” said Trump, explaining that he’s hiring staff in Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire.

“I’m tired of watching politicians screw up this country. We have a president who’s incompetent, doesn’t know what to do,” he said.

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