BREAKING: Trump Administration Sues California… Calls On Law Enforcement to “Stop protecting lawbreakers!”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions just announced that the federal government would be suing California over the state’s immigration laws to force them to obey our federal laws.

The AG announced in California that Abraham Lincoln settled the issue of whether the federal government has the right to enforce its laws.

Jerry Brown has divided his once-grand state & polarized America, not Jeff Sessions! American citizens are tired of footing the bill for all the illegal aliens they are harboring and protecting. When is he going to start caring more for real American Citizens than he does for all the illegals?

100%FedUp: AG Sessions called out the leftist open borders activists and the Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf:

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•”Open borders is a radical, irrational idea that cannot be accepted… The United States of America is not some ‘idea’ – it’s a secular a nation-state.”

•”Stop treating immigration agents differently of everybody else for the purpose of eviscerating border & immigration laws and advancing an open borders philosophy shared by only a few, the most radical extremists. Stop protecting lawbreakers.”

•”According to Acting Dir. Homan, ICE failed to make 800 arrests that would have been made if the mayor had not made her statement… Here’s my message to Mayor : ‘How dare you? How dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers?’”


It’s insane that the federal government has to sue a state to get them to enforce federal law when it comes to lawbreaking illegal aliens…It’s bananas!

People like Oakland, California Mayor Libby Schaff are the reason for this move by the DOJ. Schaff warned criminal illegals before an ICE raid! It’s believed that over 850 illegal alien criminals may have fled after hearing of the raid!

The Trump administration is suing to block California laws that extend protections for immigrants living in the United States illegally.

The lawsuit says three state laws intentionally undermine federal immigration law. Among other things, the legislation bars police from asking people about their immigration status or participating in federal immigration enforcement activities. Another law offers protection against workplace raids.

The Justice Department says those laws hinder immigration authorities and are unconstitutional.


Thomas Homan: “I’ll say this to the mayor and every other politician that wants to vilify the men and women of ICE: We’re not going away, we’re going to keep enforcing the law.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is expected to announce the lawsuit Wednesday at an annual gathering of law enforcement organizations in Sacramento.

The move is the latest volley in an escalating feud between the Trump administration and California. The state has defiantly refused to help federal agents detain and deport undocumented immigrants. Sessions says that makes cities more dangerous.

Trump administration officials have promised to crack down on policies that keep local law enforcement from advising federal agents when they release immigrants living in the country illegally.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill making California a sanctuary state last year. Read more: Miami Herald


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