Trump Approval Ratings With Black Voters Soars To 36% All-Time High

POLITICAL EARTHQUAKE! President Trump’s approval ratings with black voters soar to a new all-time high at 36%… It’s heartwarming to see that many black Americans are waking up and realizing that the Democrats offer them nothing!

How ironic would it be if the Democrat’s ultimate demise was brought about by the very people the left has abused for years. How delicious, and well deserved, lefties!


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The liberal mainstream media likes to paint President Trump as a racist every time he criticizes ANY person of color. Now we know why.

President Trump’s approval rating with African Americans hit 31% on Monday.


And today Trump’s approval with African Americans “>jumped again… to 36%

The president’s approval is up 19 points since last year at this time.

In the last ten presidential election cycles, the highest black vote share for a Republican was 12% for Bob Dole in 1996.

If Donald Trump captured 25 percent of the African American vote he would win the 2020 election in a landslide.

If Republicans were to peel off even 25% of black voters from the Democrat Party — Democrats would be the minority party for decades. Thank you, Donald Trump!

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