Trump Administration Cancels $10 Million NASA Program That Tracks Greenhouse Gases

It should have never have been assigned to NASA in the first place. It’s nice to see NASA returning to do what it was chartered to do… Explore space.

The greatest illustration of man’s vanity is the foolish belief that he can somehow control the weather.

Why are people so surprised? He is just carrying out his campaign promises.

Daily Mail:

A $10million per year NASA program to track key global warming contributors carbon and methane has been canceled.

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The program called the Carbon Monitoring System (CMS) was cut due to ‘budget constraints and higher priorities within the science budget, a spokesperson for the space agency said Thursday.

A report from the journal Science called the shut down the latest move in a ‘broad attack on climate science’ by the White House.

‘NASA’s CMS has helped stitch together observations of sources and sinks into high-resolution models of the planet’s flows of carbon,’ the journal wrote.

‘Now, President Donald Trump’s administration has quietly killed the CMS.’

The journal science reported that the key problem with cutting CMS is that the move limits the America’s ability to measure greenhouse gas emissions, and ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’.

However, looking at the situation from Trump’s point of view, the move makes more sense.

Throughout his campaign and his presidency Trump has remained firm in his belief that global warming does not exist.

Last June he announced the US would be pulling out of the Paris climate accord, a deal signed by more than 190 nations to slash polluting emissions from fossil fuels.

Also last year Trump had proposed cutting the CMS project along with four Earth science missions. More

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