Trump Drops Truth Bomb: NY Governor Refused To Buy The Recommended 16,000 Ventilators In 2015 For A Pandemic, Established Death Panels And Lotteries Instead”

President Trump on Fox News today was asked about the political division on Capitol Hill and what he can do to bring the lawmakers together?

Trump answered: “Well, I actually think they’re coming together. We had a bill that was done the other night, and then all of a sudden, somebody else injected herself in, and we didn’t have anything that was even remotely signable. But now, I hear that just a few minutes ago that they’re doing well.” “It’s for the workers, it’s for the people of the country, and I hear they’re doing pretty well, so we’ll see how it comes out.”

Trump then dropped a bomb: “I watched Governor Cuomo, and he was very nice. We’re building him hospitals, we’re building him medical centers, and I heard him complaining about the ventilators. We’re doing more for him than probably anyone else.”

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President Trump explained that NY Governor Cuomo should’ve order ventilators when he had a chance in 2015. President Trump held up a piece of paper for Fox News host Bill Hemmer to read, as Hemmer looked at the paper and joked about social distancing.

President Trump read: “It says here that NY Governor Cuomo refused to buy the recommended 16,000 ventilators for the pandemic—for a pandemic—established death panels and lotteries instead.”

He ended by reiterating the governor’s decision in 2015 to pass on the purchase of ventilators for the citizens of New York, “He had a chance to buy 16,000 ventilators at a very low price, and he didn’t buy ’em.”

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