Trump Just Destroyed Hillary With Only 5 Words…

Donald Trump Just Destroyed Hillary With Only 5 Words…

Things are looking increasingly grim for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, as the email scandal she has embroiled herself in just keeps getting worse.

With the FBI investigating, along with multiple inspectors general, it has been revealed that Hillary stored hundreds, if not thousands, of classified documents on a vulnerable private email server

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump recently addressed the issue of Hillary’s email, comparing it to another recent scandal involving the improper handling of classified material.

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Speaking to the hosts of “Fox & Friends” via phone, Trump said Hillary’s use of an unsecured private server to store classified documents was “really Gen. Petraeus on steroids.”

He pointed out that Gen. Petraeus‘ “life was destroyed” over his mishandling of classified documents, but Clinton’s scandal dwarfs anything he was accused of.

“Gen. Petraeus on far less important documents was, he was destroyed. His life was destroyed, ruined,” Trump said.

“And what he had to go through, for some reason, so far that hasn’t come out, but what has come out, the documents were more highly secret, more important, there were more of them,” he continued, regarding Hillary’s actions.

“It’s really Gen. Petraeus on steroids. At some point, I would imagine something has to happen,” Trump added.

Watch the entire interview here; the relevant comments about Clinton and Petraeus come shortly after the five-minute mark (H/T The Daily Caller):


Donald Trump is absolutely correct: Petraeus was hung out to dry by the Obama administration for far less than what Hillary Clinton is alleged to have done.

Hopefully, something will indeed happen, and soon, as Hillary must be held accountable for her actions. The selective lawlessness of the Obama administration must not be permitted to continue unabated.

Please share this on Facebook and Twitter because everyone should know that Gen. David Petraeus was raked through the coals for a far smaller offense than what Hillary has been accused of.

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