HILARIOUS! Trump Laughs Hysterically In New Video Featuring CNN Logo As Jim Carrey’s “LIAR LIAR” Movie

They’re getting an a$$ kicking… CNN should just change their name to Comedy News Network because they are now the laughing stock of cable television.

100%FedUp: Last week, after President Trump retweeted a hilarious WWE wrestling video featuring “Donald Trump” body-slamming WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, with a CNN logo dubbed over his head. Instead of letting it go, CNN chose instead, to threaten the person who allegedly created the meme. As it turns out, threatening to “out” a private citizen for exercising his right to free speech, simply because it offended CNN, probably wasn’t a very good idea. #VeryFakeNews has been getting hammered on social media ever since, and their ratings are have plummeted as a result.

A couple of days ago, we posted a hilarious meme depicting CNN’s president Jeff Zucker, who seems to have made it his mission to destroy President Trump, as Hitler. Infowars has created a CNN meme contest, offering a $20K reward to the winner, as a way to encourage as many people as possible to create memes that expose the fake news network.

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The internet has provided some pretty funny CNN memes, but so far, the “Liar Liar” video is our favorite. The meme maker couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate clip, considering the logo dubbed over “liar” Jim Carrey’s face is that of the #VeryFakeNewsCNN.

Here’s the actual scene from the movie “Liar Liar.”

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