Minority Trump Supporters Thrown Out Of Maxine Waters Inglewood Town Hall For Breathing (Video)

Maxine Waters is totally losing it. She is the laughing stock of Congress. Her obsessive hatred of Trump that is looking more and more like a mental illness.

She’s been using her office for so many corrupt deals involving her husband and friends that she looks stupid for calling anyone else corrupt. California is a failed state that has a negative impact on the rest of the country.

Why weren’t the illegals that started the fuss removed?

100%FedUp: The video below begins with a hispanic man telling the videographer to “go back to Europe”. He continues n his rant ending with what he must consider a derogatory term…”PILGRIM!”. This is California and this is the attitude of many hispanics. Notice how the t-shirts on some hispanics say “stolen lands”

Maxine Waters’ represents Inglewood, California where free speech is apparently just for those against President Trump. Anyone in the audience who is even perceived to be against Waters is yelled at and tossed out.

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Free speech? Notice how Maxine Waters claims that those who oppose her must not realize where they are…INGLEWOOD! Isn’t she doing exactly what Martin Luther King, Jr. fought against? She’s refusing to allow anyone who disagrees with her to even be in the same room! The people who were tossed out did nothing!

Please watch how she lies through her teeth to the people of Inglewood about Trump’s tax plan and healthcare bill. More

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