Trump Was Right AGAIN… Check Out What Bill Clinton Said In Audio Tapes


GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump has recently decided to blast former president Bill Clinton for his mistreatment of women after Hillary Clinton tried to label Trump a sexist. The Clintons have been relatively silent over Trump’s attacks, but damning new audio shows The Donald wasn’t far off with what he said.

Back in the 1990s, Bill Clinton’s friend and biographer, Taylor Branch, took notes about a conversation the two had, then immediately recorded them into an audio diary, reports the Washington Free Beacon. In the conversation, Clinton dismissed Paula Jones, who accused him of sexual assault, as a “floozy” and a “nobody” that was simply trying to milk him for money and attention.

“[Clinton] said they had now changed Paula Jones’s hair style, made her look less like a floozy, and that she didn’t seem to have any visible income but was always driving a new car,” Branch, who’s also a historian, said in the audio tapes obtained by the Free Beacon.

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“[Clinton] said … these political lawyers are going to tell her that there’s not much likelihood that she would get any money out of this,” the audio continued. “That it’s just about [Jones] ‘being somebody’ because, if she settles the case, she goes back to being ‘nobody,’ and the trial is going to be her moment in the sun.”

A lot of people don’t remember, but Jones was also coincidentally audited by the IRS around the same time that she brought the allegations against Clinton, which seems familiar, considering the Obama administration targeted political adversaries using the same agency. However, Clinton denied ordering the IRS to audit Jones, although he did say that she probably deserved it.

“[Clinton] said ‘I didn’t have anything to do with it, and I know nobody around here had to do with her getting audited by the IRS.’ But, he said, ‘independently, it stands to some reason,’” recounted Branch. “She doesn’t have any visible means of support and is always traveling around and driving a new car, no job, so forth.”

Clinton’s close allies tried to paint Jones as “trailer trash,” looking to get rich off the president after she accused him of exposing himself and asking her to kiss his genitalia. In 1998, the lawsuit she brought against him was dismissed, but when Jones appealed the decision, Clinton ended up paying her $850,000 to drop the suit.

During their talk, Branch said that while Clinton may have shown remorse for his affair with Monica Lewinski, he certainly didn’t show any in private. In fact, according to Branch, any contrition needed to be “coached” out of Clinton.

“What contrition there was had to be coached out of him, because I sure didn’t feel it tonight,” Branch said in the tape. “I mean, there wasn’t even a glimmer of ‘I’m sorry, I let you down’—meaning me, not that I asked for it or anything. ‘I see the hurt in people’s eyes who believed in me.’ I didn’t sense any of that on a personal level.”

The conversation also revealed what many of us already knew – that Hillary Clinton is an ice princess only concerned with political aspirations. When Branch asked how the various allegations were affecting their marriage, Bill Clinton said Hillary was more concerned about him losing his job than she was about their relationship.

“[Clinton’s] answer was not about the relationship. His answer was ‘Hillary was more upset about the impeachment than I was,’” Branch said. More

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