Trump Will Make Al Sharpton PAY When He Hears What Sharpton Just Accused Him Of…

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On Wednesday’s edition of the barely watched MSNBC program “Politics Nation With Al Sharpton,” international race-baiter Rev. Al Sharpton made a sickening allegation regarding 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“Is Donald Trump a secret Democrat?” Sharpton asked his viewers in an accusatory manner.

The charlatan of a political pundit then used non-evidence to paint an unconvincing picture for both members of his viewing audience.

For instance, he pointed to statements Trump made in the past, as when in 2012, Trump referred to Hillary Clinton as “a terrific woman” whom he liked.

Sharpton then dug up clips from 1999 that showed Trump admitting to having been “very pro-choice” and saying that he “would tax people of wealth.”

“See, the truth is out there,” Sharpton concluded. “Trump’s been talking like a liberal for years.”



Actually, Trump talked like a liberal for years, whereas he now talks like a conservative. The same can be said of your humble correspondent, who voted for Obama twice, but has pledged to never vote for a Democrat again in his lifetime.

The fact is that people change and grow as the years tick by. Thankfully, the years blessed Trump with a common-sense conservative mindset, whereas they clearly cursed Sharpton with the brain of a moron. More

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