Since Trump’s Election Violence Against His Supporters Has Become Routine

Where’s all the media outrage? You won’t find this information on the MSM like CNN, MSNBC, CBS, etc. I don’t recall violence against Obama voters or any other Democrat for that matter.

Bona fide hate crimes treated as non-incidents for the most part. Why are Caucasian Americans sitting on the sidelines while their race is routinely beaten solely because of they are white?

Since Donald Trump’s election win in 2016, his supporters and the political right in general have repeatedly been targeted for violence and intimidation.

News broke Monday that anti-white hate crimes grew faster than any other racial hate crime category in America in 2016. According to statistics released Monday, there was a 19.34 percent increase in anti-white hate crime attacks from 2015 to 2016.

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Indeed, many anti-Trump attacks have had a racial component to them.

In January 2017, a shocking video emerged from Chicago, when a young mentally disabled white male was kidnapped by a group of black assailants. The victim was tied up, tortured, sliced with a knife, and forced to drink toilet water while they yelled, “Fuck Donald Trump!” and “Fuck white people!”

Chicago man David Wilcox was also brutally beaten in November 2016 while onlookers screamed, “Don’t vote Trump!” and “Damn, he voted Trump!”

According to a later interview with the victim, the crime had a racial component. According to Wilcox, the attackers, all black, attacked the man after saying “Yeah that’s one of those white boy Trump supporters.”

Wilcox did in fact vote for Trump, but he said the attackers would have no way of knowing that. He was simply attacking him for being perceived as a Trump voter due to his race.

CNN commentator Symone Sanders responded to this beating by sarcastically sneering, “Oh, my goodness, poor white people!”

Meanwhile, attacks against all conservatives and Republican politicians have seen a worrying rise. Read more at TDC.

The Justice Department needs to be aggressive in going after these violent groups.

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