Truth REVEALED About Black Crime ➠ Al Sharpton Doesn’t Want You To See This!!

Truth REVEALED About Black Crime, Al Sharpton Doesn’t Want You To See This!!

There’s no arguing that there is a serious race problem here in America – yet, rather than it having been in place for decades like the administration and other race-baiters would have you believe, it’s more or less been fabricated. Proving just that is an infographic that shows the truth about black violence, and Al Sharpton is not going to want you seeing this.

The image was created using facts from the 2010 National Crime Victimization Survey released by the Bureau of Justice Statistics under the U.S. Department of Justice. Of the statistics available, the report discloses that 62,593 blacks were the victims of white violence, and 320,082 whites were the victims of black crime.


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Using just those numbers, blacks are complicit in crime against whites at a rate 5 times higher than that of whites against blacks.

However, there are higher implications given the ratio to population of each race. As it turns out, the nation consists of 63.7% whites, while blacks make up only 12.6%.


Taking these additional numbers into consideration, blacks commit violent crimes against whites 25 times more than if the roles were reversed. Making Al Sharpton cringe just a bit more, the infographic points out that in just one kind of assault that number jumps up exponentially.

Specifically speaking about aggravated assault, blacks commit the crime on whites a whopping 200 times more than whites do to blacks. More

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