Watch Tucker Shatter MSM Narrative: Tells Real Story Behind Video Of ICE Pulling Mother From Kids

Does anyone expect the MSM to tell the whole truth? Good that we have dedicated people like Tucker that is willing to ferret out the truth so that the propagandists don’t get their narrative.

I am so sick of hearing all the sob stories about mommies and daddies being torn away out of the arms of their traumatized, screaming children!


Fox News host Tucker Carlson told viewers Tuesday the real story behind a viral video that showed an illegal immigrant mother being ripped away from her kids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The video shows a woman being pulled away from her three screaming daughters as ICE orders her to get into a van. Media outlets ran with the “upsetting” video, focusing their headlines on the idea that the woman was unfairly being taken from her kids.

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The Washington Post, for example, wrote, “Dramatic video shows Border Patrol agents pulling woman away from her screaming children,” while the Los Angeles Times said, “Video of woman being pulled away from her daughters in immigration arrest sparks anger.”

CBS News similarly claimed, “Video of woman’s immigration arrest sparks outcry, response from Border Patrol.”

However, there is much more to the story than what is shown in the video.

As Carlson reported on his show, the ICE agents made a targeted arrest based on suspicions that the woman was involved in a human trafficking ring. More

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