Twice-Deported Illegal Alien Now Charged With Strangling His Girlfriend Mother-Of-Five

Twice-Deported Illegal Alien Now Charged With Strangling His Girlfriend Mother-Of-Five

Twice-deported illegal alien who was freed on bond after a DUI arrest ‘strangled to death his mother-of-five girlfriend’ just four days later!

Obama owns this! So he gets arrested for a crime and they find out he’s here illegally and they let him go on bond? Why are people not being punished who have broken our laws being released? Seems like the fact that they’re here illegally is enough alone to keep them in jail!

Daily Mail:

An illegal immigrant from Mexico with a history of deportations and arrests has been charged with strangling to death his girlfriend in Michigan.

Raul Perez, 43, was arrested on Wednesday morning after police say he called his daughter and told her that he had murdered 31-year-old Karla Guadalupe-Magana.

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The man’s daughter called police, who responded to the couples’ home at Woodcreek Apartments on 44th Street in Wyoming, Michigan, at around 6am Wednesday.

Inside, officers found Ms Magana’s lifeless body in the bathroom and her boyfriend asleep in bed, reported WOOD-TV.

Perez was arrested on charges of open murder and being a third-time habitual offender. Records show he has been deported twice in the last decade to his native Mexico.

Four days before Magana’s slaying, Perez was pulled over in Wyoming and booked into the county jail on a misdemeanor count of operating while intoxicated. At the time of his arrest, the 43-year-old gave deputies a fake name, Jerry Lopes Sosa.

When officials ran his fingerprints through their database, his criminal history was revealed. Record of Perez’s arrest in Michigan was then electronically sent to state law enforcement and the US Department of Homeland Security.

Kent County Undersheriff Michelle Young told that it is up to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement to contact the jail and request that a hold be placed on a suspect, but Perez was brought in on a Friday, and federal agents did not learn of his arrest until he had already bonded out.
‘Normally, ICE doesn’t monitor this type of thing 24/7,’ Young said, adding that a misdemeanor OWI arrest would not necessarily have raised red flags at ICE anyway. Since the Kent County Sheriff’s Department had no reason to further detain Perez, he was freed a day after his arrest. Four days later, he allegedly strangled his girlfriend to death. More

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