Two Illegal Alien Rapists Get Busted Because Of Their Sick Souvenir (Video)

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Once again, two illegal immigrants have demonstrated why they aren’t good enough to share space with legal American citizens. In spite of what Barack Obama and his comrades believe, Americans are unique and exceptional. The invaders are neither, and the sick souvenir they took during a rape makes this point abundantly clear.

The now common scenario of a serious crime being committed by a dangerous felon who was in the United States illegally was this time played out in Oklahoma, in the form of two illegals from south of the border. We don’t know just what country they represent, but it really doesn’t matter; they’re all pretty much interchangeable.


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On Friday, Tulsa police officers arrested two of Obama’s finest, Erlin Arteaga, 27, and Cenin Cruz, 24. Each individual was booked on a charge of first-degree rape. Not surprisingly, both men also have holds from Immigration and Customs “Enforcement,” meaning both are illegal aliens.

Committing a rape is a big moment in anyone’s life, even for an illegal alien who may make a habit of conducting such assaults. For these subhumans, the memories alone weren’t enough, so they decided to make a video of themselves in the disgusting act. As these two have now learned, they’d have been better off trusting their memories. Their movie careers aren’t making them famous, but their ignorance is noteworthy. The videos they made of the attack are now the primary evidence against them.

Tulsa Police responded to a call at an apartment complex near 51st Street and Memorial Drive after neighbors reported hearing a woman screaming from inside one of the apartments. During their investigation the woman told police that two Hispanic men had raped her, allegations which the pair denied initially.

After police discovered a video of their crimes in which Arteaga can be seen raping the woman as Cruz recorded, their stories changed and they admitted to what they had done. It’s a good thing these “crime tourists” from south of the border opted for a souvenir. The chances of prosecution weren’t good otherwise, since these criminals are the new preferred class under the Obama regime.

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