Two Oklahoma Teens Stab Five Family Members To DEATH ➠ Video

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Police responding to a silent 911 call found five people stabbed to death inside a well-kept suburban Tulsa home, then detained two teenage male relatives of the victims after a police dog tracked them down in nearby woods.


Broken Arrow Police Sgt. Thomas Cooper said Thursday that officers responded to the house near the Indian Springs Country Club after emergency operators received an “open 911 call” — a call in which no one speaks but the line remains connected. Police traced the number to the home and found a scene so disturbing that police warned that it could take all of Thursday to process evidence.

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“It certainly is shocking. I’m shocked,” said Patricia Statham, a neighbor. “I feel so bad for everyone who walks into that house. You can see it in the faces of the officers when they come out.”

Cooper said nine people were linked to the family home — the five dead, which included adults and juveniles; the two teenagers in custody; a girl in critical condition with stab wounds; and another child who was unharmed. The child who wasn’t wounded has been transferred to state custody, Cooper said.

Police with a dog tracked down the two male relatives, aged 16 and 18, in woods near the neighborhood, Cooper said. More

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