U.S. Military Accidently Ships Out Live Anthrax Samples


U.S. Military Accidently Ships Out Live Anthrax Samples

The military accidently shipped live anthrax samples around the U.S. under “less stringent” safety protocols, according to officials. A lab in Maryland that received the samples prompted a review to determine if and where other live anthrax samples had been shipped.

The shipments, thought to be dead, were shipped under less rigorous conditions than the live agent protocol.

NBC News reported that the anthrax was sent via FedEx.

Experts say there is no risk to the public from shipping the anthrax, but four workers have been put in treatment because they actually handled the samples. “Pentagon spokesman, Col. Steve Warren, said one sample was also sent to the Joint United States Forces Korea Portal and Integrated Threat Recognition Program at Osan Air Base in South Korea.” More

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