UK Protesters Flood The Streets & Clash With Police To Demand Release Tommy Robinson #FreeTommy

Protesters in the UK have flooded Downing Street to demand the release of independent journalist Tommy Robinson.

What the UK really needs is a good old fashion revolution to force the political elite and royals to stop their authoritarian ways. Oh wait that’s right, I forgot… They already confiscated their guns, and thereby the ability to keep the tyranny of government in check.


Robinson, 35, was arrested in the UK on Friday for suspicion of breaching the peace while live streaming a report on the trial of a child grooming gang. He is now serving a prior 13 month suspended sentence for a similar offense.

In this dystopian nightmare, the father and husband was transported to jail to begin his sentence just hours after his arrest — without the ability to appeal the judge’s decision.

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Supporters of Robinson immediately called for a protest to take place the following day and hundreds have answered the call.

The UK government had attempted to silence any conversation about his situation by issuing a ban against the press covering the case. Unfortunately for their plan, they cannot control social media and their effort appears to have had a Streisand Effect.

Articles from the Daily Record, Birmingham Live, The Mirror, and even Breitbart News were all taken offline in the hours following his detention.

Robinson was arrested outside the Leeds Crown Court as he was covering the trial of 29 men for offenses including child rape, trafficking, and supply of Class A drugs to children.

Robinson is heavily focused on Islamic extremism and has had several run-ins with law enforcement over his live streaming. His suspended sentence stems from an arrest last year for contempt of court after trying to film Muslims who had been accused of pedophilia outside a court in Canterbury

Lauren Southern, author, YouTuber, filmmaker, and friend of Robinson’s has called the court’s decision a “death sentence.” She pointed to a case in 2016 where a UK man who had placed bacon sandwiches outside a mosque was found dead in his prison cell.

“Tommy has a reputation in the UK as one of the most prolific voices against Islamisation. There isn’t a Muslim that doesn’t know his name or his face. It’s well known anti-Islam prisoners are targets, just a few years ago a man who placed bacon outside a mosque ‘mysteriously’ was found dead in jail,” Southern told Gateway Pundit. “Even amongst the regular population, Tommy is a regular target of assault. Put him in a confined space with a surging amount of criminal Muslims and anyone can guess what the result will be. I don’t think it’s too crazy to say this could be a death sentence.”

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