University Removes Scale From Gym Because It ‘Triggers’ Students

Feminist strike again! Is weight now like gender, one gets to identify with whatever weight they wish?

Daily Wire:

Social Justice Warriors have placed their crosshairs on the ever-triggering scale, which makes perfect sense since scales inform us of objective facts and we all know how the left feels about those.

Carleton University has made the decision to remove the weight scale from their campus gym after a student complained about being “triggered” by the device … which, presumably, she chose to step on. A sign where the scale once stood explains that the university’s choice to remove the scale is “in keeping with current fitness and social trends.”

Or, more accurately, “in keeping with pathetic social justice safe space trends.”

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Carleton freshman Samar El-Faki explained via Facebook that the scale is especially “triggering” to students with eating disorders. More

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