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Univision Owner Declares ➠ 2016 Presidential Race Over ➠ Hillary Clinton Is The Winner!


Univision Owner: 2016 Presidential Race Over, Hillary Clinton Is The Winner…

Hillary will save Israel.

Via Washington Examiner

Haim Saban, the billionaire media mogul who owns the Spanish-language U.S. TV channel Univision, is apparently convinced that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is a shoo-in to the White House.


In a recent interview, Saban said it’s not a matter of if Clinton wins, it’s a matter of when.


Asked whether U.S.-Israeli relations would remain strong under a Clinton presidency, Saban told the Israeli news outlet Channel One News, “There won’t be any problems with relations between the United States and Israel when Hillary Clinton is president.”


Saban has a history of supporting Clinton. He donated more than $12,000 to her Senate and presidential campaigns between 1999-2008, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. In 2014, The Clinton Foundation, Clinton’s nonprofit, also received between $10,000-25,000,000 from Saban and his own Saban Family Foundation.


Univision is seen as an important media outlet in presidential elections which are increasingly influenced by Latino voters. More

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