UPS Drivers Protesting 70-Hour Work Week During Christmas Holidays

Just ask your UPS driver how much money they make an hour during the holiday rush. Then see if you still feel sorry for them…

UPS drivers are planning to demonstrate against a 70-hour work week during the holiday season.

The Teamsters Locals said UPS “is forcing a 70-hour week for drivers” which is “a nationwide issue jeopardizing the safety of drivers and the general public.”


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UPS failed to plan ahead and hire seasonal drivers for the holidays, said the Teamsters, and instead increased the hours of regular workers to compensate.

“Teamster who usually show up for work 45 minutes early will instead demonstrate against the unfair move by management this holiday season.”

In a statement, UPS said the company “appreciates the exceptional effort of all employees during our peak holiday shipping season, when daily delivery volumes are near double the normal level.” Read more at CBS.

“UPS appreciates exceptional effort of all employees during our peak holiday shipping season, when delivery volumes near double the normal level,” UPS said in a statement Monday morning. “Our employees’ scheduled work week is in compliance with Department of Transportation requirements. Union-represented employees are paid time and one-half for work above 40 hours per week and they receive the industry’s most attractive compensation and benefits program.”

Below is from the letter that Teamsters Local 25 President Sean O’Brien sent to UPS management:

“Teamsters Locals throughout New England vehemently oppose this unilateral implementation of a 70-hour work week.  While the union and our members realize this is an extremely busy time of year, we also realize UPS is again putting profits ahead of people.  As Teamsters, we put our members’ safety and health as our foremost concern.  And the implementation of a 70-hour work week jeopardizes our members and the general public’s safety and health,” said Teamsters Local 25 President Sean M. O’Brien in a letter to the UPS regional labor manager.  Read more at 25News.

Over the road drivers routinely work 70 hrs most of the year, and get paid nowhere near what UPS drivers get. Poor little union babies.

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