US Ally Gave 10,000 Passports To ISIS!

US Ally Gave 10,000 Passports To ISIS!

US Ally Gave 10,000 Passports To ISIS!

Why would any NATO member nation in their right mind issue 10,000 passports to ISIS?

Of course, the question presupposes that the leadership of NATO member Turkey are in their right minds.

Trending: Here’s How Trump’s New Policy Will CUT WELFARE By 10.3 MILLION “Non-Citizens” reported that an Egyptian intelligence official says he delivered this report to the Obama Administration, saying: “Turkey continues to allow free passage to Iraq and Syria to Islamic State fighters.”

Clearly, if this claim is even half true and 5000 passports were issued, we are talking about a worldwide ISIS travel threat!

And we’ll spare you the answer to the joke of how many ISIS fighters it takes to change the ignition bulb on a thermonuclear backpack bomb. (Hint: Less than 5000.)

And where does Obama stand on this? ‘Bring ‘em in–the more the merrier!’ Obama keeps bringing in hordes of Muslims to American cities faster than you can say “New Mecca.”

What’s more insane is that the United States is sworn to defend any NATO member ally of ours. But with allies like Turkey, who needs enemies?

So what is Congress waiting for? When are they going to insist on ejecting Turkey from NATO–or having the U.S. withdraw from NATO? Because if one of those two things are not done, the United States of America is honor-bound to march straight into World War III for our alleged ally.

Can anyone say “regime change”?

Please send a link to this video to your elected representative and anyone you know who still gives a rip about keeping the United States an intact nation. Thank you.

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