US Border Patrol Agent ➠ We Are Punished If We Report High Number of Illegals ➠ Video

illegalUS Border Patrol Agent: We Are Punished If We Report High Number of Illegals (Video)

“Agents who repeatedly reported groups larger than twenty faced retribution.”

Border patrol agent Chris Cabrera testified to Congress this past week. Cabrera said border patrol agents who regularly reported groups of illegals larger than twenty were taken out of the field and assigned them to processing detainees. Or else the agents were assigned to low volume areas as punishment.

30,558 illegal alien criminals were released on the streets in America in 2013.

John Gihon, former senior ICE attorney, went on FOX and Friends Saturday to discuss this disturbing development.

“If their bosses are telling them to lie about the number of people crossing our border, this has to stop immediately. This is a national security issue.”

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