US-Made Tank Appears In Iranian-Vacked Militia’s Video

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Video released by an Iranian-backed Shiite militia this week appears to show fighters rolling near Baghdad in a U.S.-made M1 Abrams tank, raising fears that one of the world’s most lethal weapons has fallen into dangerous hands.

The Defense Department did not confirm the video for, but the M1 makes its appearance 16 seconds into the roughly edited video following a montage of blasts from military rifles, shoulder-fire missiles and fighters sitting for prayer in an open field.

The terror group in the video was reportedly identified as the Kata’ib Sayyid al Shuda, or KSS. The militia, also known as the Battalion of the Sayyid’s Martyrs, has stated that its aim is to protect “shrines across the globe,” preserve “Iraqi unity” and to end sectarian conflict. The group also has spoken out about the U.S. role in destabilizing the region. More

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