US-Trained Rebels Fighting ISIS Are FAILING MISERABLY!


Typical Obama regime fail, at $4 million a rebel. Meanwhile, he’s letting his buddy Erdogan bomb the Kurds.

Via NY Post:

Has anyone seen the US-trained rebels who were dispatched from Turkey to battle ISIS in northern Syria?

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The Obama administration certainly hasn’t — though it spent $4 million apiece to get these men battle-ready.


In fact, the administration was the last to learn that an al Qaeda affiliate had captured the group’s leader and several of his soldiers right after they entered Syria.


Nadeem al-Hassan is the leader of Division 30, a unit of rebels recruited under Washington’s Train and Equip Program to battle ISIS in Syria. The Nusra Front, al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate, ambushed him and six of his soldiers Thursday.


Even after Reuters reported the grim news, the State Department and Pentagon denied it. Then Division 30 confirmed the capture and demanded the men’s release.


A Friday attack on Division 30’s headquarters killed another five of its members.


Such are the fruits of a program that aimed to train 5,000 rebels as part of Obama’s strategy of recruiting Syrian boots on the ground to take on the Islamic State. More

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