USAA Faces Major Customer Backlash After Canceling Ads On Hannity

USAA is another company that mouths the words in support of the troops but in reality is just another globalist corporation that simply focuses it’s profit making method on the taking advantage of our Service men and women and their families.

USAA is going to find that this is going to be a really bad business decision. They’re likely going to lose more accounts than they are going to gain. 

Dear USAA, ask Kelloggs and Target how taking dumb positions are working out for them. You are about to join them in the ranks of dwindling market share.

TGP: USAA, an insurance, bank and financial services company that caters to active duty military, veterans and their families, is getting slammed by members after announcing on Twitter Wednesday night the company was withdrawing advertising on the Sean Hannity show in response to pressure from liberal activists trying to silence Hannity by cutting off his advertising base. It was not stated by USAA if they advertised on Hannity’s Fox News Channel show or his nationally syndicated radio show.

Hannity is a strong supporter of the military and veterans. He has a strong fan base among the military community.

The effort to drive Hannity off the air was promoted by Democratic Party front group Media Matters which posted a list of Hannity’s advertisers this week for liberals to complain to after Hannity pursued the unsolved 2016 murder of Democratic Party activist Seth Rich in Washington, D.C. and possible connections to Wikileaks.

As of early Thursday, seven companies have announced they are no longer advertising on Hannity’s show, according to Media Matters:, Casper, Crowne Plaza, Leesa Sleep, Peloton, and USAA.

A sample of the most common tweet from USAA on Hannity, “Thank you for reaching out to us. USAA advertises on news programs, but advertising on opinion shows is not in accordance with our policy.”

USAA posted a direct mention of Hannity in a reply to a poster claiming they are cancelling their accounts.

“You’ve ignored my messages USAA -all of my family’s banking and insurance is with you. We are an active duty family. We stand with Hannity…You reply to the left bots but not a member?! By Friday ALL of our stuff will be moved to Navy Fed and GEICO/ALL State/Nationwide, et al.”

USAA coldly replied, “We are no longer advertising in relation to Hannity. Thank you!”

Many others claiming to be USAA members chimed in to say they too were canceling their accounts with USAA.

GEICO came on one USAA thread to welcome potential new customers.

More accounts being closed, many after being with USAA for decades:

And Average Joe sums it up nicely, “How can a company who supports Vets who fought for our rights cave to silencing free speech. You ought to be ashamed”

Hannity is scheduled to take a long Memorial Day weekend break starting Thursday. Will he have a show to return to next week? Will USAA have a customer base next week?

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