Vet Fighting ISIS In Syria ➠ ‘We Could Have Ended This A Long Time Ago’


Vet Fighting ISIS in Syria: ‘We Could Have Ended This a Long Time Ago’

The American veteran who’s fighting alongside the Kurds to defeat ISIS in Syria reacted on “Hannity” to the White House dismissing the fall of Ramadi as a “minor setback.”

Jordan Matson told Sean Hannity that the Obama administration’s investment in the Iraqi army has failed.

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“They invested in the Iraqi army who time and time again has failed, just like in Mosul when they threw down their weapons and ran away,” Matson said. “Again they’ve run away in Ramadi and given them new tanks and new American weapons that the taxpayers have paid for. And again, we have to bomb them and spend more taxpayer money bombing them.”

“ISIS is picking opponents that don’t really have the will to fight or have a weak will to fight,” he added.

Hannity said that the Obama administration isn’t really using significant force against ISIS and asked Matson what he sees happening on the ground.

“I call this ‘the cost-effective bombing campaign,'” Matson said. “They’re dragging this out. We could have ended this a long time ago. With the current rate things are going, this will continue for a great deal of time.”

Matson added that there is so much more that the U.S. could be doing to fight ISIS.

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