Veteran Comes Out On Top In HOA Battle Over American Flag Display

Veteran Comes Out On Top In HOA Battle Over American Flag Display

Veteran Comes Out On Top In HOA Battle Over American Flag Display

According to recent reports, a veteran living in Loudon County, Tenn., found herself at odds with her homeowners association earlier this year because of a flag she displayed on her property.

More than two months ago, officials informed Delia Foster that she would have to take the banner and pole down in order to comply with community rules regulating the display of structures – broadly defined to include flagpoles.

In subsequent weeks, however, the 24-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force has worked behind the scenes to determine if any remedy existed for her dilemma.

“I am also a person who fights for what I think is right,” she confirmed. “I will do research, get to the bottom of things.”

In addition to being the “icon and the beacon for everyone in the military,” Foster explained why displaying the flag is so important to her.

“It felt like there was an empty place,” she said of her home without the flag. “Not only in my yard, but in my heart.”

After scouring through her HOA’s regulations, Foster said she discovered the board abides by county codes and never included a specific ban on flagpoles. Since the county does not consider such poles to be structures, she made her case that the flag should be permitted.

The association ultimately relented; and with the assistance of a local veterans honor guard, the flag was once again hung on her property last weekend.

“It really makes me feel great to be able to walk under that flying flag again,” she concluded.

h/t: The Blaze

Do you think this veteran should have fought to fly the flag or simply accepted the HOA’s ruling? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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