Video: ‘Vicious’ School Bus Attack On 64 Year Old Tuscaloosa Bus Aide By 24 Year Old Was Unprovoked


‘Vicious’ School Bus Attack On 64 Year Old Tuscaloosa Bus Aide By 24 Year Old Was Unprovoked

Takes a big man to attack a 64 year old sitting down.


Via AL Com:

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The “vicious” beating of a 64-year-old aide on a Tuscaloosa City school bus was unprovoked, system officials said Friday.


The statement comes after the 24-year-old suspect, Michael Ryan Simmons, told WVTM 13 he was standing up for his 5-year-old nephew, a student on the bus, who he claimed had been mistreated by the aide for weeks.


Spokeswoman Lesley Bruinton said the aide, “with nearly ten years of service to the Tuscaloosa City Schools, was the victim of a vicious and unprovoked attack.”


Authorities have said he suffered a fractured eye socket and would need surgery.


Simmons was charged with assault.


“He suffered severe injuries as a result of this beating. The thoughts and prayers of our entire System are with our co-worker for a full and speedy recovery,” Bruinton’s statement read.


“There has been an attempt to blame the victim for this assault. This is completely unjustified.”


Video shows Simmons repeatedly punching the aide as he sat on the bus. Simmons said the child had been scratched by the aide.


“I’m sorry for what I did. I know it wasn’t right,” Simmons told the station. “I was taking up for my nephew.”


Bruinton said the video does not support that claim.


Her statement continues below:


“The video from the bus that day was pulled and thoroughly reviewed by Tuscaloosa City Schools’ officials. There was no evidence that the aide pinched or scratched any child, or acted inappropriately in any way.


This was communicated to the complainant. A second administrator reviewed the tape at the request of the complainant and reached the same conclusion.

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