VIDEO ➠ Alleged Bloods Gang Member Intimidates Teacher

VIDEO ➠ Alleged Bloods Gang Member Intimidates Teacher

VIDEO: Alleged Bloods Gang Member Intimidates Teacher

“Oh, it’s over,” a voice says on the cellphone video as a hooded black teen approaches his teacher at the board.

“What is this?” the teen asks incredulously of the white teacher who is using a blue marker to write down the lesson for his class.

“Why is it in blue?” a voice asks loudly, while others in the class berate the quiet teacher.

Taking matters into his own hands, the hooded teen grabs the eraser, clears what the teacher wrote, and requests a do-over in a different color.

“Write that in red!” a voice shouts from the class, seemingly a reference to the infamous Bloods gang, represented by the color red. The hooded teen can be heard calling another classmate “blood.” Perhaps he was upset because the Bloods’ rival gang, the Crips, dress in blue.

“Is he doing it?” a voice asks.

They realize the teacher didn’t change to red ink, but black. This seemed upsetting to the class as the voice calls the teacher “GD” — a possible reference to the street gang Gangster Disciples who are represented by the colors black and blue.

Although there are several sites posting this video, no specific information is known about the details of where and when this took place.

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