VIDEO ➠ Armed ISIS Killers Seen Laughing As They Herd Syrian Refugees Like Cattle

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VIDEO=> Armed ISIS Killers Seen Laughing as They Herd Syrian Refugees Like Cattle

Armed ISIS fighters were seen laughing as they forced desperate Syrian refugees away from their escape route to Turkey.

Thousands of Syrians have fled to Turkey to escape ISIS in Tal Abyad.

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ISIS rebels were seen on motorcycles herding refugees away from the border with Turkey.


The Daily Mail reported:

These are the laughing Islamic State fighters who forced desperate Syrian refugees to abandon an escape to Turkey by marching them back across the border at gunpoint.


Thousands of people have attempted to flee the across the border to escape ISIS at Tal Abyad after hearing Kurdish militia were advancing towards the town, where they fear there could be a bloodbath.


However, their escape route was blocked by heavily armed members of the terror group, who rounded up those trying to flee and marched them back into Syria.


The jihadists could then be seen revelling as the Syrians were then made to turn back with their suitcases and belongings into to the ISIS-held territory.


Meanwhile, Turkish troops watched on helplessly as the civilians were almost within touching distance of the town of Akcakale.


The men, women and children were stopped at gunpoint almost within touching distance of the border town of Akcakale.

isis border
The refugees were hauling everything they could possibly carry in an effort to cross the border to freedom and away from ISIS. (Daily Mail)

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