Video ➠ Highlights Of ‘Gutfeld Show’s’ Premiere


Greg Finds ‘The Host Club’: Watch Highlights of ‘Gutfeld Show’s’ Premiere

Did you miss the premiere of “The Greg Gutfeld Show?” If so, check out a few highlights we picked out.

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It all started with a hilarious opening, as Greg was granted access to the Fox News Channel “Host Club.”

There he found, Harris, Gretchen, Geraldo and Stuart…

Watch what happened next, followed by Greg’s take on the evils of the world.

Next, it was an interview with Tucker Carlson to discuss his new… um, nevermind…

The next thing we knew Greg was playing Candy Land with Rob O’Neill, the former Navy SEAL who killed Usama bin Laden

Greg asked for O’Neill’s plan to go after ISIS and a blow-by-blow of the historic bin Laden raid, illustrated on the Candyland board of course. More

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