VIDEO ➠ Violent Pro-Jihad Rioters Attack Peaceful Counter-Jihad Demonstration

VIDEO: Violent Pro-Jihad Rioters Attack Peaceful Counter-Jihad Demonstration in Denmark


Today’s demonstration in Copenhagen against violent jihad in the wake of the slaughter last month at a free speech talk at coffeehouse and the Copenhagen synagogue was under the new banner: For Frihed (for freedom). Former Pegida-Denmark were as usual met and outnumbered by a fascist counter demonstration. They were obviously trying to harass this small and peaceful demonstration, which had to be protected by police.

Seven of the aggressive pro-jihad counter demonstrators were arrested, as seen on this video clip above. The headlines scream, “Seven people arrested during Pegida demonstration.” It’s misleading. Those arrested did not include anyone opposing jihad terror.

The situation is correctly described here in one major conservative newspaper:

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pegida denmark

The demonstration, which took place at Axel Torv in central Copenhagen, was tried interrupted by several  individuals, said head of security Michael Andersen of Copenhagen Police.


“We have been massively present in order to avoid trouble. There has run seven arrested in, “he says and explains shortly before 20:00, the demonstration is over.


The detainees come from a counter-demonstration, according to the duty officer tried to dissolve Pegida demonstration.


The police can not yet say what the seven people arrested.


Pegidadk which organized the demonstration, is an organization that will stop the “Islamisation of Europe”. The organization has repeatedly Mondays held demonstrations in major Danish cities, after the German example, where the organization started in the eastern German city of Dresden Monday demonstrations.

But totally twisted and misrepresented  the widely read uber-left sensationalist state-funded newspaper Ekstra Bladet here: syv-anholdt-ved-anti- islamistisk-demonstration/ 5541148

The story in Ekstra Bladet is a complete fabrication, blaming the peaceful protesters for being the troublemakers, even though it was obviously the other way around. More

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