Donald Trump ➠ “I’m Very Serious ➠ Something Has to Be Done With Respect to the Country” ➠ Video

trumpVIDEO=> Donald Trump: “I’m Very Serious… Something Has to Be Done With Respect to the Country”

American businessman, investor and TV personality announced today he will not renew his contract for his popular show “Apprentice.”
Trump will also launch a presidential exploratory committee.

Donald Trump told reporters he return to New Hampshire on Thursday.


Tonight Donald Trump told Greta Van Susteren that his team expects record crowds Thursday in New Hampshire.

I’m very serious. I’ve been very serious. I see what’s going on with the country. The country is in serious trouble. A lot of people would say it’s going to hell. A lot of bad decisions are being made. We make no good decisions. We have no victories. When was the last time you heard about something good happening. Like, we beat China at something?… Our country is in very, very serious trouble.


We’re forming a committee right now and what it means is I’m very serious. I’m looking at it in a fashion that something has to be done with respect to the country. Or we’re not going to have a country left anymore. I’m going to New Hampshire tomorrow. They’re going to have one of the largest crowds they’ve ever had. The press is telling me. I’m not telling it to them.

Trump then goes on to bash Barack Obama over his treatment of Benjamin Netanyahu.

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