VIDEO: Hillary Forgets What Country She’s In… Seriously, This Is Pathetic!


The Hillary Clinton campaign appears to be desperate to rally up support for the presidential candidate, including snagging video clips from just about anywhere and claiming they’re from the United States.

The Weekly Standard pointed out the embarrassing gaffe in which a woman could be heard saying, “This is our country,” at the precise moment when the video showed a woman who appeared to be in Paris, France, somewhere near the the Eiffel Tower (scroll down for video).

This isn’t the first time Clinton has made mistakes, and we know it won’t be the last. Earlier this year, Clinton had a senior moment and forgot she was at a campaign event in New Hampshire. In a one-on-one interview with Jon Ralston, she called him Joe.

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Clinton also flubbed up a story about how she landed in Bosnia in 1996. She told reporters she landed under fire but actual footage revealed she landed safely on the tarmac and was greeted by a welcoming party.

But those are relatively minor gaffes when compared to Clinton’s other forgetful moments that include thousands of highly classified emails on private servers and the attack on Benghazi that left four Americans dead.

We could go on and on.

Take a look at the video below; the image in question appears around the 19-second mark:



And compare that with this picture, from Google Maps:





“This is our country.” Sure, as long as by “our,” you mean “Gérard Depardieu and Pepé Le Pew’s.” Otherwise … not so much.

But, you know, all of these are just little details that shouldn’t get in the way of anyone voting for Hillary Clinton for president because the important thing is that she really cares.

Really, really cares. Like, a lot.

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