VIDEO: Rioters Beat White Man While He Was Pleading For Mercy

The rioters are getting out of control. Why are they tearing up their own city? What did this white man do to them to make them want to beat and strip him?



During the riots in Charlotte North Carolina last night, a group of people approached a man on his knees pleading for mercy and beat him.

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Several men charged the man, cursing at him as they chased into a parking garage and kicked him repeatedly as they dragged him around the floor and stripped his pants off.

Video of the incident was captured by Lenard Bennett, a professional photographer from Charlotte, North Carolina who posted several images and videos from the violence last night on Facebook.

“This is beyond wrong smh praying for my city,” Bennett wrote.

He posted another video of a black man tackling a white man in the street.

Later Bennett shared his thoughts about the night on Facebook, along with 30 photos of the violence and damage caused by the looting.

“It’s ok to peaceful protest but when you start looting, beating up innocent people because of race, and tearing up the city you live in NOW that’s a real issue!” he said.

Yes the killing of that man was wrong AF but 2 wrongs don’t make it right IDGAF what color race you are. Y’all steady screaming #BlackLivesMatter but yet your killing your own people over the dumbest stuff how TF do you expect others to respect your March when your showing the world your no better. it’s a difference between protesting and provoking WAKE UP.

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