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Video Shows Hillary’s Scooby Van Clearly In Handicapped Spot!


Video Shows Hillary's Scooby Van Clearly In Handicapped Spot!.png

Somewhere In The Midwest, A Handicapped “Everyday American” Is Shut Out Of A Parking Space…Update: Video Shows Scooby Van Clearly In Handicapped Spot…

Sure looks like our ‘Everyday American’ Hillary heading for SUV parked in handicapped space.

Is she making a statement about her condition, or does she not care?

Video shows Scooby van clearly in the spot. Someone pulled the original video, guess they didn’t want it seen, but here’s another one, the internet is forever:

Interestingly, this cafe stop, was not a meeting with the everyday Americans, but a meeting with local Democratic operatives, according to the local news. Actual random people who wanted to talk to her were not allowed in.

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