VIDEOS: Man Records Disturbing Footage Inside Memphis VA Hospital… Our Vets Deserve Better



The Department of Veterans Affairs has come under heavy fire over the past few years regarding scandalously long wait times and mistreatment of our nation’s veterans.

Now the VA has come under scrutiny again, at least the VA hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, due to a series of undercover videos exposing more alleged mistreatment and negligence.

The footage, largely filmed in the hospital’s spinal injury ward, appeared to show empty halls and nurse’s stations and patients left alone as the entire staff disappeared for stretches of 30-45 minutes for meetings.

Former Memphis VA employee and whistleblower Sean Higgins said there should always be someone ready to deal with emergencies, even during staff meetings, particularly in the unit that deals with para- and quadriplegics.

“If there was an emergency, we’re screwed,” remarked the unnamed veteran patient who secretly made the videos.

According to Fox News, in another video showing halls and workstations devoid of workers, the patient said, “Once again, we’re left to the wolves,” adding “Not a soul in sight.”

Still another video showed a nurse in the spinal injury ward not wearing the proper gown or gloves while working with a patient.

“You have a video there of a nurse in an isolation word. She’s feeding him and she takes a bite out of that cake,” Higgins said. “As hospital policy, if his food was too hot she’s not even allowed to blow on it.”

For its part, the VA has made efforts to cut wait times and offer better treatment to its patients, but many complaints remain.

“The fact that they’re videotaping this is indicative of clearly they don’t have a good relationship with the staff,” declared Pete Hegseth of Concerned Veterans for America. “The Memphis hospital has been cited for some of the longest wait times, poor care, and yet administrators have continued to receive bonuses.”

As for the unnamed patient who recorded the footage, he was reportedly approached by a hospital official with a police officer in tow and harassed for posting what he had filmed to YouTube.

The VA maintains that they have done nothing wrong, and ask us to ignore our lying eyes, claiming the halls and workstations of the Memphis hospital are never completely abandoned of workers, as they certainly appear to be in the videos.

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