Virginia Woman Says She Was Fired for Wearing Hijab

Virginia Woman Says She Was Fired for Wearing Hijab

Why didn’t she wear her Hijab to the interview? Why didn’t she wear it for the first 2 days of work? Almost every workplace has a dress code. So just get over it already.

NBC Washington:

Owner said religion is not allowed at his business because he wants to keep it neutral.

A Northern Virginia woman says she was fired from a new job because she wore a Muslim head scarf to work.

“I was really upset. The day that it happened, I was devastated,” Najaf Khan told News4.

Khan said she was hired as a dental assistant last week at Fair Oaks Dental Care in Fairfax County.

She didn’t wear the hijab at her interview or on the first two days of employment.

On her third day, she chose to wear it because she felt that she would stay at the job and wearing it was part of her spiritual journey. More

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