Wanna Be Terrorist Threatens To Burn Judge To Death In Bid To Clear His Name (Video)

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This is the terrifying moment a husband pours fuel over a Brazilian judge and threatens to burn her to death if she doesn’t declare him innocent of assaulting his wife.

Dramatic footage shows the judge being pinned to the ground at a court in the west of São Paulo in Brazil as the man threatened to spark a lighter in his hand.

José dos Santos, 36, the furious defendant, grabbed Judge Tatiane Moreira Lima and took her hostage moments before his domestic abuse court case was about to begin.

The terrifying incident lasted for 20 minutes in Butantã Court House and was filmed by a police officer.

It has emerged that Santos intended to become Brazil’s first suicide bomber and was carrying a Molotov cocktail in his backpack.

Santos had a hearing scheduled for yesterday following a domestic violence incident against his wife.

He arrived at the courthouse at 1.30pm and upon entering the building, he started a small fire at the entrance, managing to evade the shots of a security officer before storming the Judge’s office and grabbing her around the throat, then pouring gasoline over her.

According to reports, Santos bore a long-term grudge against Judge Lima who convicted him of domestic violence in 2013.  More

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