WaPo Calls for Paying Trump to Leave Office

It’s Official… Liberals have just gone completely over the edge with Trump Derangement Syndrome! She takes stupid to a new level.

Is Karen Attiah actually that arrogant and narcissistic that she believes that she can bribe President Trump to leave office? I guess she’s so used to dealing with the lowlifes at the Washington Post who, like her, have no honesty, integrity, or ethics, and truly believes that everyone can be bought off.


One Washington Post editor, apparently so disgruntled by President Donald Trump’s actions, wants to treat him like a third-world dictator and pay him to leave office.

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Citing Trump’s lament that the United States was like a third-world country, global opinions editor Karen Attiah proposed that “maybe it’s time to start treating him the same way we treat the leaders of such nations.”

Her article — entitled, “Let’s pay Trump to leave office” — labeled Trump as America’s first “African president” and suggested he could leave office for the right price.

“My immodest proposal: Let’s save America from itself and the ravages of this presidency by offering Trump a big bundle of money to leave. I’m serious,” she wrote. She explained how Africa rewarded good presidents with a $200,000-per-year salary if they exemplified quality leadership. More

She closes her eyes to the hundreds of millions of dollars of pay-to-play bribes to the Clinton Foundation but she actually thinks President Trump would be the one to sell out?

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