WAR ON COPS ➠ THIRD White Police Officer SHOT DEAD This Week

police lives matter

WAR ON COPS=> THIRD White Police Officer SHOT DEAD This Week

Blue Lives Matter–

A Rio Rancho police officer was shot and killed late Monday night.

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Police identified the officer Tuesday as Gregg Benner.

greg brenner
Officer Brenner is a 49-year-old Air Force veteran who had been with the department about four years. He is survived by his wife and five adult children. (KOAT)

Officer Brenner is the third white police officer shot dead this week.

Officer Kerrie Orozco was shot dead in Omaha on Wednesday.
kerri orozco
Officer Kerrie Orozco was shot dead Wednesday by Marcus D. Wheeler, a 26 year-old black male, in Omaha.

On Sunday Officer James Bennett, Jr. was shot and killed in a New Orleans’ project.
james bennett
According to his friend, Bennett was working on an outreach program for the communities where he patrolled.

(Source: Family Photo)

Bennett, Jr. was shot dead in his cruiser Sunday morning.
The car was found still in ‘drive” when they found the officer.

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