WARNING ➠ Dangerous Muslim Migrants Being Imported To These U.S. Cities

WARNING: Dangerous Muslim Migrants Being Imported To These U.S. Cities

As we witness the fall of the European West under the guise of political correctness, multiculturalism, and tolerance, we are graciously given a warning of our own future should we neglect to protect our own freedom and democracy against barbaric cultures and ideologies.

Fortunately, there are still a few congressmen who recognize this. As such, U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) and several others on the House Homeland Security Committee have attempted to block another importation and distribution of thousands of Syrian refugees (Muslim immigrants) that have close ties to major Islamic terror groups into U.S. cities.

Unfortunately, President Barack Obama bypasses congress and ignores authorities of our national security at every turn, and the flood of Muslim migrants have been infiltrating cities across the country.

WND compiled released data to create a list of U.S. cities that have received Syrian immigrants since January 1, 2015, up to June 15, 2015, and they are expecting as many as 11,000 more in the immediate future.

WARNING: Dangerous Muslim Migrants Being Imported To These U.S. Cities

Wyoming is the only one of the fifty states that have a refugee resettlement program set up by the federal government. Twelve states are allowed little to no input from their governor’s office in handling these resettled migrants.

While liberals praise Obama and his administration for welcoming hordes of “refugees” within our borders, it’s a religious and political supremacy that dictates who is granted entrance. When Iraqi nun Sister Diana Momeka pleaded with Obama to allow her to testify in Washington of the horrors Christians face under Islamic oppression, he denied her visa. Although she was invited by two congressman and a representative and was only staying for one-week, the Obama administration has made their favoritism clear — Muslims are elite to all other groups, even as they are the number one oppressors of all others.

WND reported earlier this week that 93 percent of the 922 Syrian refugees resettled into the U.S. since the civil war started in 2011 have been Muslim. The vast majority, 86 percent, have been Sunni Muslims, which means some could have ties to the Sunni rebel groups fighting to bring down the government of President Bashar al-Assad, a Shiite Alowite.

Assad protected the Christian minorities who have now come under brutal attack from ISIS and al-Nusra. Yet, only 4.9 percent of the 922 Syrians brought to the U.S. so far as refugees have been Christians.

Although more than 1 million surviving Christians have been exiled from their homes, the left continues to exalt their Islamic enforcers who have slaughtered most who could not flee in time or were unable to pay Islamic jizya.

Still, the U.S. takes in more migrants labeled as refugees than the rest of the world combined, and we are beginning to see the Islamic terror that comes with such an open-door policy.

Defying congress and our national security, Obama plans on resettling 65,000 more Syrians alone in American cities. More


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