Wasserman-Schultz ➠ Marco Rubio Tells His Fellow Latinos To “Go Back Where You Came From”



DNC Chief Wasserman Schultz: Marco Rubio Tells His Fellow Latinos To “Go Back Where You Came From”…

She really is an awful person.

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: If this guy could not even hack standing by his conviction for a bill he authored and pushed through the Senate, abandons it as soon as his tea party extremist base blows in the wrong direction, then how is he going to hack the presidency? He should grow a spine and stand up for the courage of his convictions. He represents a huge Hispanic population, millions of immigrant families who would benefit from comprehensive immigration reform, and he basically told them, ‘Go back where you came from.’ I recognize that he supports some reform, but now he’s embraced the Tea Party effort to shut the boarders down and deport people.

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