Watch ➠ 19-Year-Old Ice Cream Shop Worker Punches Armed Robber!

19-Year-Old Ice Cream Shop Worker Punches Armed Robber


Watch: 19-Year-Old Ice Cream Shop Worker Punches Armed Robber

A scoop of drama was caught on camera this week at a Washington state Baskin-Robbins.

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Rachael Bishop, 19, was at work at the Lynnwood ice cream store Wednesday when she said a man came into the store looking for cash.

“He unzips his jacket and shows me he has a gun,” Bishop told Q13 FOX. “He said, ‘I need all your money right now!’ And I said, sir, please don’t do this.”

Surveillance footage shows that the 19-year-old employee refused to hand the alleged robber the cash from the register, punching him as he shows her a gun and reaches for the money.

Bishop even chased the alleged thief into the parking lot. Authorities caught him after he ran out of the woods.

Q13 FOX reported:

“The reality is that people kind of react as they react,” said Lynnwood Police Commander Jim Nelson. “In this case, she fought back and didn’t want to be a victim of this crime.”


While the situation may have ended well this time, Lynnwood police caution people from taking matters into their own hands, as does Bishop’s boss, Chris Ahn, who gave his employee words of advice for next time.


“So I trained yesterday and said next time be careful and just give them the money,” said Ahn.  “Save the life.”


Bishop admits she’s still shaken up by what happened, but not enough to keep her from the job she loves.


“I actually worked after I got robbed,” said Bishop. “My boss was, like, you can go home, but I actually need my hours. I have to stay.”


Lynnwood police later arrested a 44-year-old suspect for the robbery. They say he also had an outstanding felony warrant for forgery.

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