WATCH ➠ Kids Ask Obama if He Ever Brainstormed ➠ Yeah, Obamacare!

WATCH ➠ Kids Ask Obama if He Ever Brainstormed ➠ Yeah, Obamacare!

WATCH: Kids Ask Obama if He Ever Brainstormed — Yeah, Obamacare!

On Monday, the White House hosted its fifth annual White House Science Fair and welcomed five young Girl Scouts from Tulsa, Oklahoma who had created an apparatus out of LEGOs to help people with disabilities turn the pages of a book.

The “Supergirls,” kindergarteners and first-graders dressed in Superman capes, told President Obama they came up with the idea through a “brainstorming session.”

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Obama slightly minimized the girls’ accomplishment complaining that the pages turn a little too fast to read. They quickly let him know it was just a prototype.

In sudden realization, the president turned to the press and said, “It’s a prototype! It will get refined later.”

Obama did offer some encouragement saying, “You guys are very good at this. I’m so impressed.”

The president didn’t get away before one girl asked, “Have you ever had a brainstorm session yourself?”

“I have had a couple of brainstorming sessions but I didn’t come up with anything this good,” Obama replied.

The little girl pressed, “What did you come up with?”

“You know, I mean, I came up with things like, you know, health care,” Obama said. “Yeah, it turned out okay, but it started off with some prototypes.”

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