Watch ➠ Unbelievable Footage Of Riots That Injured Seven Cops In Baltimore

Watch ➠ Unbelievable Footage Of Riots That Injured Seven Cops In Baltimore

Watch: Unbelievable Footage Of Riots That Injured Seven Cops In Baltimore

Days of rioting in Baltimore, Md., hit a climax Monday, the day of Freddie Gray’s funeral. Gray died recently after being arrested and placed in a police transport vehicle, an event that sparked the latest in a string of anti-police demonstrations.

Emboldened by a mayor who implicitly gave rioters permission to engage in their violent, destructive behavior, video footage of the result shows how chaotic the situation has become. Extensive property damage is a common theme, with police cruisers, businesses, and civilian vehicles completely destroyed by protesters armed with bricks and other weapons.

At least seven local cops – including one described as “unresponsive” – are among the injured. Recent reports indicate the attacks on law enforcement are just ramping up. WJLA indicated that police have received credible threats of violence as gangs have allegedly joined forces to target officers in the city.

Widespread destruction over the weekend extended to Camden Yard, where thousands of Orioles fans were trapped inside the stadium Saturday night. At least two of the team’s players have since responded to the incident.

First baseman Chris Davis released a statement indicating that “there’s a constructive way to protest and there’s a destructive way to protest,” urging those intent on demonstrating in the streets of Baltimore to “get their point across without damaging anything or put [sic]anybody’s lives in jeopardy.”

Though he said he understood the frustration behind the ongoing protest, outfielder Adam Jones likewise urged protesters to exercise restraint.

“I think everybody needs to get all the facts,” he said. “Stay safe; stay smart. Protest, but let’s not damage our own city. At the end of the day, you got to live here.”

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